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Zenbu is simply a collection of information that would be freely available to you walking down the street. Zenbu is free for everyone to use because we believe that there is enormous value to us all in the free and ready online access to this same information.

Zenbu relies on the community to help maintain the listings in Zenbu. You can support Zenbu by updating or adding any missing or incorrect details about any listing. You don't even need to be the 'owner' of that business as long as you are entering facts - nobody can own a fact.

It's easy to get involved and any information contribution, large or small, is appreciated. Sign up to get started. You can find some ideas about how to get involved here.

Cash Donations

You can support Zenbu with a cash donation. Your donation will be spent improving the Zenbu service by purchasing

PayPal accepts all major credit cards. When you click the image above, you'll be taken to the PayPal website where you can securely make your donation. You will receive a tax invoice by email from PayPal. The charge will appear as "Zenbu Ltd" on your credit card statement.

Thank You For Your Support

Zenbu can only succeed through the support of the community so thank you in advance.

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